The false positive
In the PCR tests
Polymerase Chain Reaction

Out of Australia
On the CSL vaccine
Is not false

It is the result
Of fragments of HIV
Being inserted and integrated
Into the human genome

HIV being a retrovirus
Needs to be in the vaccine
Or it would not spread

The new modified DNA
Is made up of 2 single strands of RNA

The enzyme integrase
Transforms RNA into DNA

Reverse transcriptase
Is the mechanism for getting
The new double helix DNA
Into the host DNA

It reverses the sequence
Of the entire genome
And all the nucleotides

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccine
Will show the same result

These vaccines will only produce
A low level response
By the immune system

Until the abundance of elements
That are in the vaccine
And awaiting electroporation activation of 5G
Are triggered!