The economy will be collapsed
The internet will be shutdown

The person acting as the Anti Christ
Will require everyone
To take the vaccine

Which is the Mark of the Beast
Which will show up when 5G is accentuated

And to worship the Image of the Beast
The Beast being a reptilian serpent figure

People will be so tired of
The fear of catching the virus
Of wearing masks
Social distancing
And lockdowns

That they will pay homage to anyone
Who will relieve them of those things
And who will fix the economy
By introducing Libra Diem
As the sole monetary unit of exchange

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac
Entered into by the sun on September 23
923 is a number that has appeared
In numerous movies and TV shows

The only way to then access the internet
Or have a bank account
Is to take the Mark of the Beast

Libra Diem is
The Day of the new economy
The New World Order
Brought to you by the Anti Christ!