We already have been put into a simulation
A fake world

We are taught not to rely on our senses
To not even believe what we see
But to accept what we are told

We are told to believe we are spinning on a round ball at 1000 miles per hour
Even though we do not feel it

We are told to believe in
What is contrary to what we experience

We are told the sun is 400 times bigger than the moon
Even though they look the same size

We are told the sun is 400 times farther away than the moon
Even though they both look near at a similar distance

We are told the sun is 93 million miles away
Even though sunbeams or crepuscular rays shine through clouds outward
Locally lighting up an area
Which is impossible if the sun is huge and far away

We are told that starting in the 1960’s we had 6 successful missions to the moon
Even though the moon is transparent and stars can be seen through it

We are told that President Nixon called the astronauts on a land line
And chatted with them 250,000 miles away on the moon
While they were playing golf and driving their dune buggy

We are told that the atmosphere spins with the earth
At the highest altitude the atmosphere would have to spin faster
To keep up with the 1000 m/p/h spinning earth

A bullet travels at 1700 m/p/h
So the astronauts spun around the earths atmosphere faster than a speeding bullet
Then popped out into the so called airless vacuum of outer space

Then sped up to over 1000 miles again
And dropped off the lunar lander with 2 astronauts

Then the command module raced around the moon
Then both rendezvoused perfectly at incredible speeds
And went back to the earth

And they did this perfectly 6 times

How can someone believe this

And how can someone believe we are being attacked
By a hidden invisible microscopic virus
That is in the air all around us

And that we have to take a shot

Why do you think it is called a shot

And the same Freemasons who are the so called astronauts and astronomers
And also our politicians

Who also practice Satanic sacrifices
Are the ones telling you to take the shot!