Dulce is a sleepy little town in northern New Mexico
Just south of the Colorado border
It sits upon the Archuleta Mesa

But in complete contrast to this idealistic setting
It is described as a strange place
Where terrible things happen

The Dulce Military Laboratory was built on top of deep caverns
That extend for hundreds of miles
Even to the Carlsbad Caverns
And are at least 2 and 1/2 miles deep

There are 7 major levels

The first level starts 200 feet from the surface
The first 5 levels have a ceiling of 7 feet
Level 6 is 45 feet high
Level 7 is 60 feet high
And there is 45 feet between each level

There are hidden ventilation shafts in caves
Which come to the surface in hard to access rocky ravines

There is an aerial exit in Southern Colorado near Brenton
In a façade of cliffs

At the entrance or infiltration zone of the first level there is The Hub
Which is 3000 feet wide
It is a control room for surface operations

There are magnetic elevators
That use the lodestone as an energy source
And go at a very fast speed

The 1st level has security and communications
There are magnetic security sensors everywhere
And thousands of spy cameras throughout the complex

The 2nd level has various government offices
At the entrance there is a statue of Alice
From Alice in Wonderland
And a 3 foot tall White Rabbit
Wearing a royal maroon vest with gold fringes and black buttons
Holding a backward watch

The 3rd level has a magnetic high speed super tube train shuttle
Which goes to bases all over the world
And a tunnel boring machine which vaporizes the bedrock
The tunnel network can also be accessed
In Masonic Lodges, Federal Buildings, Cathedrals and other places

The tunnels are composed of copper
To keep the flow of magnetism
And are clad with stainless steel
The tunnels also have many rooms which are called cells

The 4th level is where things get scary
Experiments in telepathy, dream manipulation, hypnosis and mind control programming
Are conducted on unwilling humans
Devices are inserted into people to control them
False data is implanted to reprogram them
The person who does this is called a Planter

The 5th level is where things get unreal
Human body parts in vats of formaldehyde
Are stirred by a robotic arm

But it gets even worse
There are thousands of cages holding humans
To be used as food for Reptilians
Just like we do to animals

The 6th level is appropriately called Nightmare Hall
Genetic bioengineering and gene splicing experiments are conducted
Various genetic mixtures are used
Organs and tissue are grown from fetal and embryonic material
Animals such as fish, birds, mice, seals and monkeys have been vastly altered

There are multi armed and multi legged humans
7 foot tall humanoid bats with wings
Just like the so-called Mothman

There are animal and human combinations
Rats with human heads
Humans with wings claws and web feet
All in cages

They cry and ask for help
But the employees are forbidden to talk to them
They are told that they are genetic freaks and insane
And under high drug dosages

The experiments that didn’t work out
Are sitting in formaldehyde and frozen

The 7th level have thousands of humans in Cryogenic cold storage vats
Kidnapped humans get their soul removed and put in storage containers
And the body is taken over by a Reptilian
This is called Walking In

There is a cloning center
Soul deposed human bodies are cloned and stored in water tanks
When the genetic replicates are inserted with a soul
They are called Hybrids

Most of these cloned humans function as slaves
Some are released into the community
After they have been fitted with telemetric communication devices

There are transgenic humans in cages in various stages of development
Transgenic means having genetic material from another species
They cry like babies
And beg to be killed

Formerly fetuses were stolen
Then grown up in labs
And then inserted with reptilian genes
Now they can grow the fetuses without the need of a mother’s womb

If you encounter a Reptilian
Avoid eye contact
Even if they hiss at you
Keep your hands down
They will find you curious
And will not be hostile

A Reptilian can read your frequency and know your intent
Which we broadcast through our electromagnetic impulse or personality
When we are calm and control our thoughts
Reptilians cannot access our minds

Reptilians control humans on a subliminal basis
They purposely leak out information
So when Reptilians and their activities become a common sight
Humans will think it is the natural progression of things
And accept their dominion