Gene sequencing computers
Called Crispr Technology
Modify DNA
And thus modify life

When the new messenger or complimentary RNA
Is inserted into a host
It forms a double helix
And renders the host DNA useless

The Crisper modified synthetic DRNA
Will be delivered into the body
By a nano carrier
Nano diamonds and also nano gold

Modified genes can also be inserted into peptide epitopes
That produce proteins and enzymes
Then introduced into the body

A persons DNA will be ripped apart and reattached

Having ones molecular fabric and biological structure
Undergoing such a metamorphosis
Will cause a person to feel intense pain

The process will be 5 or 6 months
After the Mark of the Beast Covid vaccine is taken

The pain will be unbearable
And people will want to kill themselves

They will be tormented
And will seek death in all its forms
But will not find it