Very soon next year
The micro needle array patch
Will show up in your mailbox
Early next year

This Corona virus vaccine
Will be promoted as giving your body
The ability to fight off anything

Correcting errors in the DNA code

And installing in you permanent protection
From any and all disease

It will be said one can almost attain eternal life
Through this miraculous technology

You will need it to activate your bank account
As the banking system is poised
To take on a new digital currency

You will need it to buy food and to purchase clothing

Everything in the new world
Will require this Messenger RNA platform
Which is the self replicating modified genes
In the micro needle patch array vaccine

The confirmation code of the vaccine
Will be digitally transmitted by 5G
From the newly inserted nano quantum dots
Into The Cloud
Which is the infrastructure of the new worldwide banking system

Money is god and everyone is focused on money
And so the vaccine will be taken unquestioned

Not realizing that this
Is the greatest existential threat to humanity!