Consciousness transfer into clones or the more advanced robotoids
Is for the avoidance of death and preventing the loss of identity
Sometimes it does not go as planned

The being who was supposed to be the Antichrist
Was unable to transfer his consciousness
Into the super robotoid body meant to impress the masses
And could not stay in this realm

Timelines have been changed
But events are going on as planned

Black Magic rituals or Black Sun operations
Are being done on an unsuspecting public

Biosensors in the form of nano carbon graphite particles
Are being sprayed down from above as chemtrails
They are also put in our food
And are coated on pharmaceutical pills

But the preferred method is vaccination
Which inputs them directly into the bloodstream

Detoxification is important
A 3 day apple diet activated charcoal magnetized clay such as Bentonite
Are a few good methods

These nano particles have the ability to self replicate inside the body
They also detect light temperature and vibrational magnetism
They can gather genetic information of a persons specific DNA RNA sequence
And send this all to the central AI quantum computer via 5G signals

This is why 5G was put in place as quickly as possible
And packaged as a faster way to use the internet

This smart dust or neural dust is being planned to inundate whole communities
To manipulate electron spin rates for total control
But this will only result in entropy and disease

Household devices such as kitchen appliances and alarm clocks
Are being manufactured with nanotech biosensors
That can scan a brain and interpret the state of mind of an individual
Reading their internal monologue
This is called Remote Neural Monitoring

Microwaves are being pulsed into the brain
At very low frequencies between 100 and 1000 hertz
By the transmission of television radio and internet signals
And by cell phones

A steady tone of frequency modulation can hypnotically induce actions
Through embedded suggestions
And subliminally cast a member of the unsuspecting public under a spell

Unwittingly making them intelligence assets
This is called Voice to Skull technology
And can be done individually as well as to groups

This is the result of the infamous CIA mind control program of MK ULTRA
That also makes sure high level public figures and military personnel
Do not step out of line

As our soul layers are healed and our DNA returns to the original 12 strand
We can rise above these electromagnetic attacks and frequency intrusions

The knowledge of which originate from the Black Magic rituals of summoning entities
Known as the Ordo Templi Orientis