The inner crystal structure of the earth
Determines the magnetic field
And instructs the blueprint for life forms

The blueprints are made of atomic and subatomic particles
Which organize and become physical matter

The magnetic field impacts our perception of reality

The crystal core is a conductor and transmitter on non physical energy

Solids are becoming less dense as crystalline current is released
Causing a re encryption of elements throughout the earth grid

Hidden timelines in crystalline information imprints are being activated

Our kundalini forces are being recoded
In an assortment of sub harmonic frequencies
Correcting fragmented mental patterns
And rebuilding them into higher mind matrices

Crystal transmission activates our crystal cells
Creating a diamond crystal heart

New plasma orbs have been birthed in our realm
Weaving an array of aqualine light
And pearlescent color waves
That are interlacing with the crystalline lattice of the earth

Plasma is essentially liquid crystals

New patterns with crystal frequencies
Are now running throughout the ley lines

New interdimensional communication lines are being established
Because of changes in the layers of atmospheric plasma

The morphogenesis of the crystal core
Is expressing energy in a variety of forms

And the human body will have to adapt to pressure changes
That affect the blood pressure
The rhythm of the heartbeat
And inner neurological processes!