When we abandon empirical evidence of the senses
And adopt nonsensical models
We become mental slaves

When we accept the idea that we are on a globe spinning around furiously
And uphold Hollywood style NASA trickery
Such as CGI imagery and fish eye lens fakery
Of a sphere with photoshopped and doctored cloud patterns
We become like a madman repeating a lie

When people believe they are upside down or sideways going round and round on a spinning globe
With their feet above their head
Where rain would have to fall upwards and sideways
Where ships would sail and planes would fly upside down or sideways
Then any other indoctrination becomes easy

The nonsensical geocentric globe model is meant to create a schism in the psyche
Where you have to accept information contrary to experience

We see the sun and stars revolving above us
But are told it is because of the spinning earth

Water does not stick to a spinning ball
It does not curve but seeks its level
That is why it is called sea level

Invisible magic gravity not only somehow keeps the oceans from falling off the ball
But at the same time lets butterflies fly upward

Gravity is also supposed to drag the lower atmosphere in perfect synchronization with the spinning earth
Up to some undetermined height
Where the progressively faster and faster spinning atmosphere gives way
To a non gravitized non spinning atmosphere of supposedly infinite vacuum space

If the earth was a ball 24900 miles in circumference
Then at 50 to 100 miles most buildings and mountains would be out of sight under the curve
Lighthouses seen 50 miles out should not be visible
The Chicago skyline should not be seen at 60 miles out on Lake Michigan
Mountains should not be noticeable at 100 miles out
But they are

If the atmosphere was spinning with the earth at 1000 miles per hour we should see and feel it doing so
But clouds casually meander in from all directions simultaneously at varying speeds
And we can feel the slightest breeze

Because there is more land at the equator for the atmosphere to have to move around
The atmosphere should be progressively increasing its speed the closer it is toward the equator

Since that is obviously not the case
And there is no evidence at all of a uniform spinning atmosphere

Then on an earth that is spinning 1000 miles per hour
An airplane going 500 miles per hour should never be able to reach its eastward destination
Before the destination comes speeding up behind it

Flights do not go over Antartica because we are told its too cold
But NASA is supposed to have developed anti cold and anti hot technology
For much more extreme conditions on the moon for their astronauts

Were they not willing to share it
Or is this part of the lost Apollo technology
That somehow got misplaced

Planes can fly unabated without experiencing any such atmospheric changes

Landing an airplane on a runway moving 1000 miles per hour
Would create a lot of failed landing attempts to say the least

If we were on a ball then the compass in Antarctica should point straight down

When ships are said to have sailed below the horizon
Then we should not be able to zoom them back into view

On a globe earth the midnight sun in the Artic
Which stays in view for 72 hours
Would only be perceived exactly at the north pole
Otherwise you would have to look through land and sea

In Antarctica the sun sets on May 17 and is not seen again until July 21
That is because the small and close sun is on its innermost spiral around the polar center

When an outrageous lie such as the spinning globe in a heliocentric solar system is told enough times
People will not question it
And will try their best to support it!