1) If Venus at it’s closest approach to the Earth according to the official narrative is on the average 25 million miles away towards the sun and Mars is on the average at close approach 200 million miles away from the Earth in the exact opposite direction why do we see them together in the night sky?
2) Why do cities have old buildings with pillars and towers with perfectly carved and placed stones some weighing many tons with amazing intricate stone detail that we are not able to duplicate today?
3) If the voyages of Columbus and the Lewis and Clark Expedition are true why do old maps such as the Oronteus Finaeus and Geradus Mercator maps show pre existing cities and towns in America?
4) Why do we eat animals when it is totally unnecessary and bad for our health and bad for the environment and causes enormous and untold suffering upon the victims?
5) If the Big Bang is true and stars are racing away from us in all directions why do we see the stars and constellations revolve above us circling the north celestial pole in precise order and returning to their predictable positions day after day week after week and year after year?
6) Why are we spraying dangerous cancer causing chemical poisons such as Round-Up on our city parks, school yards and roads?
7) How could the Mormons leave Illinois in 1847 with only wagons, a few guns, flour and blankets and arrive in Utah and by 1853 build Temple Square and other enormous temples and buildings soon thereafter that rival the grandest of Europe?
8) If the Earth revolves 190 million miles to the other side of the sun why do we not see a different set of stars or detect any parallax at all?
9) How could President Nixon talk to the Apollo astronauts on the moon if it is 239,000 miles away and there was no cell phone towers?
10) If the Earth is a round spinning globe why does NASA have to use fake photographs when they could easily take a real picture of it in one of their space ships or thousands of satellites that they say they have up there and put the issue to rest once and for all?
11) Why are we told not to trust our own senses when we see that the sun and moon are about the same size at a very close distance circling above us and we don’t feel any motion of being on a 1000 m/p/h spinning globe or racing through space at incredible speeds?
12) Why would God react so vehemently when Eve did such a trivial act of biting into an apple while He does nothing about the intentional suffering and willful cruelty which humans commit upon each other and His creation day in and day out?
13) Why is the planet Saturn depicted as the creator god atop his heavenly mountain which was situated in the north celestial realm and why is the god of the Old Testament El or Elohim the Hebrew word for Saturn?
14) Why is hemp which is a superfood and which one can live upon exclusively and which could be used for many other purposes illegal to grow in the USA?
15) Is it credible to believe that the nearest star which is claimed to be Alpha Centauri is 25 trillion miles away?
16) How could gravity hold in the earth’s oceans yet allow bugs, butterflies and balloons to fly upwards?
17) Was energy production the real purpose of pyramids and if this technology has been around for many centuries could the real reason for our dramatic shift of climate in ages past be the shooting of high powered energy rays towards our former sun?
18) Why do commercial airline pilots not continually point the nose of the airplane down to prevent the plane from going straight out away from the curved round Earth into outer space?
19) If the moon is a spherical terra firma capable of allowing Free Mason astronauts to land on it approximately 50 years ago why haven’t we gone back?
20) Why is it claimed we need to eat animals for protein when animal protein is acidic and hard to digest and which produce poisons when our own bodies makes protein out of amino acids that are derived from plants or from amino acids that are also made in our body?
21) Why are all the dinosaurs that are portrayed in museums fakes and the ‘real bones’ are said to be in underground vaults unavailable to the public?
22) Why is Mars referred to as the Son of God and in former times traveled down to Earth and then while returning upwards towards heaven experienced a rebirth while being seated in the lap of Mary who is Venus?
23) Why is the former empire of Tartaria not even talked about in history classes?
24) Why in ancient times was Venus who is also called Isis, Inanna, Aphrodite, Freya etc. associated with green fields and gardens referred to as the Elysian Fields, Field of Rushes, Garden of the Gods and the Garden of Eden and from this association named the Lady of the Crops, Maize Mother, Harvest Queen and because of it’s former brilliant glow was called Queen of Heaven, Shining Torch of Heaven, Star Woman and Dancing One who Fills the Sky with Her Pure Blaze and Radiance?
25) Why have the discoveries of the bones of giants which have been found all over the world been hushed up?
26) Why are you not told that Cow’s milk is specifically formulated to turn a baby calf into a 800 pound cow and that the hormones contained therein are very hard for humans to digest and causes inflammation, allergies, acne and asthma?
27) Why are all the Presidents related to each other and are they elected by the people or selected by a hidden cabal?
28) Why were Hitler’s Secret Service which included Adolph Eichmann, Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels, Rudolph Hess, Herman Goering and Martin Bormann all from very wealthy Jewish families? Why was his best friend and driver Emil Maurice Jewish? Why was his bankers, photographer, dentist and doctor all Jewish? Why was his influential friends such as Randolph Hearst Jewish? Why was his wife Eva Braun Jewish? Was Hitler’s mother Klara Polzl Jewish also?
29) Was Charles Manson a whacked out guitar strumming hippie or was he a secret agent whose purpose was to discredit the peace movement?
30) What exactly goes on in the underground cloning facilities? Why is it all kept hidden?
31) Why do they try to keep what’s in the vaccines a secret? Do the viruses that are contained in vaccines and which get injected into your body remain in your body for the rest of your life waiting for a chance to attack when your immune system is weak?
32) Why have cell phone towers been rigged with massive cables of thick copper capable of transmitting over 300,000 watts of microwave energy?
33) Is nuclear power just a ruse and a cover-up for other agendas?
34) Why do people eat the menstruation cycle of hens? Why is it illegal to advertise that eggs are healthy in any way shape or form?
35) Why is the new Audience Hall at the Vatican in Rome built in the shape of a serpent’s head complete with eyes, tongue and mouth and decorated with reptilian statues?
36) Was Mohandas Gandhi a representative of the people of India or a British agent meant to deceive them into believing power and self rule was restored to them?
37) How can the fires in California start simultaneously in many different areas with no storm front and why are houses burned to a crisp melting even granite and marble countertops while nearby trees are not even slightly scorched? Is downed power lines a believable reason or could the cause be lasers strapped onto fast moving military aircraft?
38) Are earth’s geological features a result of millions or billions of years of minute change from water and wind or has hidden high technology from a history we are not informed of shaped a lot of the world’s landscape?
39) Are there sudden intentional eradications of cities and countries when the populations grow too big and the people know too much?
40) Is Santa Claus and his reindeer a symbolic representation of the ancient planet god Saturn and it’s moons which were formerly located in the north pole and looked upon as a benevolent Father bestowing gifts to his children as attested to in myth and religion?
41) Is the Hollywood entertainment industry as well as public schools indoctrination and propaganda centers?
42) Are most Movie Stars and First Ladies as well as a considerable number of politicians, a growing number of newscasters and even the Queen of England transvestites?
43) Was the Civil War used to explain the destruction of cities 50 years earlier by energy weapons?
44) Is America being planned to be hit with multiple catastrophes?
45) After finishing His creation why would God need to rest? Is a resting or stationary god a prevalent theme in myth and religion?
46) Was the impossible Noah’s Ark actually a revolving crescent-shaped illumination located in the Cosmic Sea of Saturn in the ancient sky?
47) Why did early writers say that the apostles of Jesus abstained from eating meat? Why were many early influential Christians vegan? Why was veganism popular in early Christian sects? Why is there a manuscript stored in the Vatican which quotes Jesus as saying ‘He who eats the body of slain beasts eats the body of death because the flesh from slain beasts in his body will become his own tomb and he who kills – kills himself. Were the fish stories at the end of Luke and John later insertions? And as if according to John, Jesus had already died by the time of Passover would that render the idea of the Son of God devouring a baby sheep unbelievable?
48) Did you know that when you eat dairy products you are supporting the practice of raping cows with rape rods and taking away the new born calves so that the milk intended for them can be stolen by humans who hook up the dairy cows to harmful and painful milking machines? Did you know that the baby male calves will be killed in terrible and brutal ways soon thereafter while the female calves are destined to a lifetime of slavery like their mothers who are sent to the slaughterhouse at a young age when their bodies give out? And that this cruel practice is all for unhealthy meat and dairy products?
49) Did you know that the Vietnam War was blamed on the North Vietnamese attacking an American ship when North Vietnam didn’t even have a navy?
50) Did you know that it is impossible for a mostly aluminum airplane to penetrate inside a steel and concrete building then vaporize then cause the building to fall as is the official account of 911?