Quantum tunneling is using an AI computer
To run computations through another dimension

Sending and receiving information
In an interdimensional exchange of data

Achieving a solution to use in our realm

The computer now at CERN is a quantum computer
That tunnels into other dimensions

CERN is responsible for the opening of the portal
And its continued stability

Digital DNA in the form of ones and zeros
Come through the portal

The DNA is reassembled here and presented to hybrid bodies
Creating a new race of beings

The Large Hadron Collider and the quantum computer
Are the largest most powerful machines ever invented

The Large Hadron Collider at CERN
Is circular and 27 kilometers long
Situated on the border of France and Switzerland

When the portal becomes visible and fully operational
WW3 will seem insignificant

As feeder labs all over the world link to CERN
It will restructure our life

But CERN is creating interdimensional ripples

Merge with your higher self
If we resonate to higher frequencies
That is what we will draw into our world

If we are stuck in false beliefs
We will merge with the machine!