The quantum dots of the micro needle array patch
Will be comprised of nano diamonds
That contain only electrons
Which are negatively charged

They will be quantum entangled
With the electrons of 5G
Which can penetrate outside electrons
That are negatively charged

The nano diamonds will deliver
The new biological genome sequence of RNA
Into the cytoplasm of cells
Then into the nucleus

The RNA is synthetic genomes
Which have been recombined
And developed in a yeast cell
Then removed and planted
Into another bacterium

The genome of the receiving host DNA will disappear
The new genome will be established
And become a self replicating cell
With synthesized DNA

People will be so brainwashed
That they are preventing disease
They will eagerly vaccinate themselves
And put this
Do it yourself patch
On their right hand
And even on their forehead!

Wearing a mask is a big part
Of the indoctrination process!