In 2014 the Go Fast Rocket reached an altitude of 73 miles
Before it hit the dome

Displays of high altitude lightning flash down from the dome
They are referred to as sprites and gnomes

The dome is also called the firmament and the vault of the heavens

Stars are embedded in the dome
Some stars are diamond shaped and some have hollow centers

This suggests they are small cylindrical machinery that glow in the plasma
Each with their own resonant frequency

The sun is the focal point of light and heat
It has an intelligent consciousness that is linked to another realm

Seasons are determined by the sun
Which alternates between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn

Zooming in on planets they resemble stars
They are not terrestrial objects that can be landed on

There are no galaxies just luminaries of cloudiness
There are no black holes just luminaries that pulse
There is no nebula just luminaries with shaped light

There is no precession of the equinoxes

Meteors are not flying rocks
And craters are not caused by meteorites that vaporizes upon contact

The Milky Way is a great dark rift of luminaries upon the dome

The northern lights are incoming plasma from the north celestial pole

Our world is like an ant farm created by higher consciousness
That weaves energy into other dimensions

Dimensions which are divided into realms of divine fractals!