The prelude to war is about to shift into high gear
Though it is all fake in terms that it is all preplanned

The leaders are freemason actors who follow instructions
Reptilian influence has taken a firm hold on anyone with power

Who the masses perceive as their heroes are alien mimics in cloned bodies

China will cut off exports from Taiwan as well as all other Asian countries
Military weapons and supplies are already being brought into Mexico
They will invade from the south and west

Russia will cross the Aleutian Islands and come in through Alaska and Canada

China is dumping the dollar as the reserve currency
Russia has already discontinued the petrodollar

The plan is to hit the US at once with various means
The tsunamis and blackouts will immediately precede the invasion

The tsunamis will be caused by drone Poseidon submarines with EMF capability
Just like the Fukushima earthquake and tsunami

To turn off the power and to create the Dark Winter
All that has to be done is to flip a switch

The food shortage is being put on us by shutting down processing plants
And by directing food supplies to underground storage facilities

The sudden death of cattle is to prevent them from being used as a food supply
They were killed by high energy frequency radiation not by heat or poisoning

Imports of diesel fuel have already been stopped
Farm machinery relies on diesel fuel

Refineries are closing and it is being blamed on them being too old

The prices of gas and food will continue to skyrocket

The drying up of the Colorado River and Lake Mead
Is to render dams inoperable
Shutting off that source of energy

Nuclear weapons will be blamed for strikes
But it will be covert high energy laser technology that devastates cities

There will be another big fake shooting event
Guns will be banned making the invasion run more smoothly

Rural areas like Yellowstone will close so people cannot run and hide

This war will be more like the War of 1812
Which was a world war that ended the Tartarian empire
Napolean was fighting the Tartarians in Moscow in 1812

Devastating earthquakes such as the ones at New Madrid in 1811 and 1812
Were caused by EMP weaponry

Laser weaponry will set off volcanoes specifically the Cumbre Vieja in the Canary Islands
And Kilauea in Hawaii

A red crescent moon will kick off the events

And the lair of lizard people underneath the Denver airport
Which is the new Illuminati headquarters
Will oversee the sacrifice!