All beings are exceptionally receptive and inclined
To reverberate with natural higher tones

Harmonious music and uplifting words
Will positively resonate in our cells
Increasing our spiritual strength and physical immunity

When we develop higher senses
We can more easily discern the energetic signature

Other dimensional entities understand the power of language
To trigger reversal patterns in human DNA potential
And prevent spiritual awakening

They imparted this knowledge to the death cult bloodlines
Who are now the high ranking controllers

Through phrasing and modulation of tones
Trauma based mind control is triggered
That alter the chemicals which react with our DNA

This hypnotically induced reaction is called the Baphomet Field

Ritualistic enchantments are used to spell bind and capture the mind
Shutting down the crystal heart
Replacing compassion with negative ego addictions

Negative archon forces want full ownership of our world
And have rewarded the secret bloodlines for their cooperation

These parasitic entities require a living host
To manifest in the earth plane

Through satanic rituals they are welcomed
To be hosted in the bodies of the members of the death cult

The elite think they can escape the repercussions of their actions
And the natural laws of cause and effect
By transferring their personality to a cyborg
Which also allows them to cheat death

They believe they can be immortal this way
And exit onto other planes of reality as a god like being!