The Isle of Wright Lighthouse in England is 180 feet high
On a clear day it can be seen in its entirety 42 miles away

If the Earth is a round globe 25,000 miles in circumference
It will curve 8 inches per mile squared
2 miles squared is 4 so at 2 miles the declination would be 32 inches

At 4 miles the curvature would be 16 x 8 or 128 inches
At 42 miles the Isle of Wright Lighthouse should be 84 feet
Or almost half under the curvature of the Earth

Lighthouses were originally for the extraction of ethereal energy
The cupola has dentils which were for energy distribution

Mercury allowed the light to spin or rotate
When under the presence of electricity mercury will spin in a vortex
As a result of a toroidal field

Mercury is able to receive and transport electromagnetic waves

Old world antennae used mercury
In an amalgam with gold silver or copper

Mercury was able to extract ethereal energy and transmit it

As an amalgam mercury transformed to red sulfur or cinnabar
Under this transformed state mercury is able to achieve its full potential

The octagon shape of lighthouses creates a toroidal vortex
Just like pyramids
And the octagonal cylinders in so called bandstands

The structural openings or pediments were used to manipulate sound waves
The vibration was toned with the accumulation of the electromagnetic energy

Just like in cathedrals the windows were actually magnetrons
And because of their strong cymatic pattern produced resonant frequencies

Huge so called church bells and chiming clocks also produced resonant frequencies

The cymatic patterns of these magnetron windows
And the tones of bells and chiming clocks
Were the petrified pulsations of a star!