The Truckers will go on strike November 29

It is said it will be to
Protest excessive political corruption
And the upcoming ban on fracking by Biden
Which they say will hinder oil production

In 1973 there was a Truckers strike
Those who did not comply
Got their tires slashed
And vehicles shot at
There was even a stabbing

Roads were blocked
Bricks were thrown off overpasses
Tear gas was used

Retail stores and supermarkets
Do not stock up
But rely on just in time shipments

When people see isles starting to become bare
Another panic buying frenzy will occur

Your local Wal-Mart will close

Exxon Shell and Chevron say
They will lay off thousands

Famine is one of the
Four horses of the Apocalypse

Did not Queen Elizabeth say
That 2019 would be the year
Of our last Christmas!