Worldly power and dark forces are fooling people
To do what they otherwise would not do

Billions of animals all over the world
Are kept in concentration camps called factory farms
Where they are caged and kept in small enclosures in the most insidious fashion

This makes them suffer for their entire life
They are then killed in cruel ways

Then we eat them
Even though our body is designed to eat only fruits and vegetables
And also nuts grains and seeds

It is also only by indifference
Which goes against our heart based nature
That this is allowed to happen

Factory farms which produce 95 percent of the animals we consume
Is hidden from public view
This practice has evolved from the system of religious sacrifice
Which was itself a product of black magic fire and blood rituals

The painful emission of the life force produced tortured energy
Which entities feed upon

We connect ourselves to this tortured energy by what we eat
We consume the hormones which are produced in extreme pain

As we introduce it into our body
We resonate with the tortured energy

What has become normal is not human

When we realize how sick this is
We can take steps to heal ourselves

Before this we lived in a state of abundance
And were as one with the animal kingdom

This is most urgent to recognize
The system in place is providing the energy for the takeover of our world

It resonates with the frequency of low density 5D beings
Who are not capable of empathy

The bio photon burst that occurs when sentient feeling animals
Are tortured and killed
Is feeding the entities

We are entering an area of no return
Where the alien agenda of producing unsympathetic uncaring humans
Who cannot access their heart
Is taking place right before our eyes

Animals cry out in pain but we do not listen

Retain your humanity before it is too late!