Reptilians search for the origin of the universe
They see our aura as a measurable amount of it

They feel our aura is a link to the origin of everything

They have conquered science and technology
And they search for something beyond their understanding
For the greatest conceivable existence

They look for people with strong amounts of aura

They transfer into a synthetic body
Then assimilate their new human consciousness
With their own consciousness
As they awaken from their cryogenic sleep

They manage our consciousness
They spin out the matrix
From thoughts they program in us

We have made our own prison

And they think of us as idiots
With thought prisons
Enjoying our circus

Mind control is the new world order

But if we get out of the negativity
If we lift our spirits
If we let ourselves be free
To create with our imagination

The potential in our uniform consciousness
Is extremely powerful

Vibration is a mindset
A lower vibration will limit you
If we match the vibration of higher virtuous beings
They will come to us!