Our cellular record is our birth imprint
Of genetic and astrological magnetic forces

That is able to synchronize our consciousness
With the next higher harmonic frequency

By reconfiguring our red wave chakra spectrum
It will transform us into more kind and loving thoughtforms
Which we are designed to be

A poor diet the taking of pharmaceuticals and the consumption of animals
Will prevent proper functioning of the organs and glands
That are needed to access higher time vectors

By being in nature and befriending animals
Our neurotransmitters and physiological processes are stimulated

Fear is the primary manipulation method and mind control tool
Of the alien agenda and their elite puppets for social engineering

We all have the power to overcome fear
By correcting our inner dialogue
Thus transforming darkness to light

Fear disconnects you from yourself and others
It instills into our subconscious a learned helplessness
And breeds a false perception

When we fear judgement about revealing ourselves
We drain our energy and are not our authentic self
We then become ruled by fear

Negative polarity is the frequency of fear
It matches the vibration of dark spirits
Who are hitchhikers looking for a ride
And will attract them

By the multiplying our life force energy
Through intelligent plasma forces
A powerful energetic recalibration is occurring
Returning the crystal geometric light codes of our original mitochondrial DNA

We then break free of fear based mind control technology
And our fabricated anti life culture
On this reptilian owned prison plane

Who are running world affairs
And trapping us in repeated short life spans

Existing beyond the energy reversals and siphoning machinery
That generates false AI timelines in this descending matrix
Is our higher spiritual identity!