In the movie Songbird
In 2024 a pandemic ravages the world
Causing martial law quarantines and curfews

A knock on the door
Will be the Department of Sanitation

They will do a thermal scan
If an anomaly is detected
Armed guards will be notified
Who will come in 4-6 hours and take you away

If you attempt to leave your home
You will be hunted and shot on sight

The corona virus has never been inspected
What has locked down the world
Caused people to cover their faces
And made them hurry to get injected with a serum they know nothing about
No one is able to find

They are mixing the genes of different species in a lab
Putting it in a Petrie dish
Covering it with hydrogel
Surrounding it with nano particles
And putting it all into a syringe

Marketing it as safe and effective

While a bunch of pedophiles march around in robes summoning demons in private rituals
So that their dangerous and deadly bioweapon will be jabbed into the arms of the masses

Who believe whatever they see on TV
And who cannot handle the truth because of indoctrination

They are easily swayed because they live in an artificial reality
They worship celebrities who are robots and clones

They do not realize their consciousness is being harvested!