Consciousness evolution is organized throughout the universe

Time and space obeys multiple instruction sets in morphogenetic fields
Made up of frequency waves

Instruction sets can be inserted artificially

The original blueprint of our DNA
Was a lattice of crystal plasma

And an ideal transmitter and receiver of energetic resonance
That perceived a variety of levels of consciousness

We have different identities
With different spectrums of frequency

Parallel realities intersect
At converging resonant vibrational points

These are access points where we can gain entry
And acquire consciousness from other timelines

This is the trans time continuum
They merge at 45 degrees

A Kaleidescope has mirrors that merge at 60 degrees
When their reflections combine they produce more images

When 2 mirrors are placed at 60 degrees toward each other
And strontium barium and mercury is placed in between
It allows one to gaze into the spirit world

Our 3D realm has 6 timelines
2 timelines per octave

Higher dimensions have more octaves
And more potential timelines

They have stations of identity of our higher self

As we move through timelines in each dimensional octave
We reclaim our identity

Your now self can change your future timelines!