The death of Kobe Bryant was faked
It was the signal for every country
To begin the Covid nonsense

It is said that the helicopter
Crashed into a remote area in fog
Going 184 miles an hour

And that they had to use horses to access the crash site

But news footage clearly shows a road
And the wreckage is of a different color
Than the helicopter Kobe had

Plus a helicopter will float
When it has engine failure
It is called autorotation

Kobe was a member of the Boule
A secret society in which all prominent African Americans are members
The Boule has ties to Jeffrey Epstein

Secret societies are a system
That collaborates with reptilians
At the upper levels
In exchange for wealth and power

The elite are a hybridization program
That has infiltrated all cultures
Becoming the leaders

Their genetic make-up is approximately half reptilian
While most humans have around 10 percent reptilian genes

This explains why eating meat is so prevalent
And why we have a reptilian brain stem and tail bone

The elite need to consume children
To maintain that balance of their DNA code
And to get energy for their parasitic nature
While keeping human expression

That includes all US Presidents
Who are all related

Instead of the harmonic 432 hertz
Our world now has a non working 440 hertz
Which strengthens the matrix
That has been superimposed on our reality
Producing a disconnected state

Reptilians are not conscious
The way humans are conscious

They are more like computer software
That process information faster and more efficiently

They are more like digital people with no emotion
Planted alongside human actors

In order to walk among us
They disguise their appearance

They clone human flesh
Over their own reptilian skin

Most people cannot handle the truth

We have to let our intention
Undulate onto reality
In a perfect reflection unto Source

Synchronizing with your true self
That is outside this realm

Only when you project your mind in this way
Into this simulation
Will you start to remember why you came in
And begin to break on through
To the other side!