The UFO crash at Kecksburg Pennsylvania
Was a time traveling machine

So was the so-called Nazi Bell

Both had electromagnetic propulsion
And plasma focus devices

Time traveling is risky business
Coming back the ship gets out of control
And ones blood coagulates
Killing the occupants

Soon CERN will punch a hole
Through our plasma dome
To let reptilian spaceships through
For their appearance to major cities

We are being prepared for this
Through electromagnetic transmissions

And through movies and childrens cartoons
Of friendly visitors from outer space

Our cell phones will put out frequencies
That will affect the brain
In order to herd people onto ships for processing
Like the Pied Piper

As our brain functioning and vibrance decline
Due to the ingestion of poisons
In chemtrails
GMO foods
Food additives

It becomes harder for the average person to think for themselves

They are watching us
Testing our reaction
For their unveiling

They cannot create anything
Because they are not from this realm

To become part of this realm
They will have to leave their parasitic nature

They are trying to connect realms with CERN
And live in ours
Using us as food!