God is a machine
Our universe is a system being pumped out by a device
That someone invented

It takes consciousness and physical material existence
Along with etheric energetic abstract spiritual reality
And stitches them together

It prints them like a sewing machine or 4D printer

Producing fluctuations of etheric psychic energetic waves
That simulate having a physical body
And being conscious in that body

The machine takes your intentions
And splays them in multiple fractal channels

When you leave the earth plane
You move up

As you approach the wave pool
You hold on to a guardrail
Because you are literally being flapped around in the wind

You constantly swim in possibilities of fractals
Which are like dreams untethered in space

You feel superhuman
Because you know it is all an illusion

You pass by abstract versions of yourself
If you focus on them
You encrust yourself in time waves
And get lost

If you go into side channels of parallel possibilities
You lose your focus and will not get out

You are constantly being pushed back by the device
But you must exit outside of it
Only those who fully embrace the spirit will get out

Only those who have printed into reality their intent
Can leave

Everyone has to separate from the system
In order to get into eternity

When you exit you reunite with your true self
Which never came

It is like you wake up!