As beings of power intelligence and love
We hold the key to every situation

We have the transformative and regenerative agency
By which we can make ourselves what we will to be

You cultivate your inner garden
By planting thoughts of your desire

You will bring forth fruit
As you externalize all that is beautiful
And manifest the loving conditions of your self imposed destiny

When we weave the inner garment of character
And the outer garment of circumstance
They will combine to form the vestment of enlightenment and happiness

Observe thoughts neutrally with unbiased perception
And distinguish which ones to entertain

Make your thoughts your best friend
Link them to a purpose and set out to accomplish it

Fill your every thought with power
And all difficulty will be overcome

Release identification with unwanted feelings and ideas
Overcome the illusion of weakness

If you do not think ideally
Past programming will run on auto pilot
And determine your life!