We are told that this Covid flu is a death sentence
And we risk killing others if we do not get vaccinated

Fake numbers of death counts are flashed upon the TV screen
And people instantly believe it

Their reality does not include mass deception

They believe our political system is genuine
And not just a bunch of actors making millions of dollars

The common person believes in a false history
That precludes ancient advanced technology

The average person will not entertain the idea
That our hospitals have become jails and death traps
Where doctors deal out deadly remdesivir
Put people on deadly ventilators
And get paid for their output of dead bodies

The average Joe cannot conceive the fact that all wars are fake
And that leaders now are mostly just controlled clones

The Joe Bidon that is put out in public is just a possessed clone
Clones are easily manufactured
And the possessing entity knows that if they disobey
They will be turned off

The recent rhetoric about Russia invading Ukraine was all staged

Wars are about depopulation
About rich psychotic people getting richer
About destroying ancient high tech buildings
And about continuing a false narrative
To keep the citizenry in an artificial reality
Where they can be easily controlled

The upcoming war will also be about the forced implementation
Of the new genetic experiment which is being disguised as a pandemic

Your everyday indoctrinated person will not consider the idea
That Adolph Hitler was just a gay Jewish actor
And the Holocaust is made up

Jewish people were rounded up so they could be shuffled off to Palestine after the fake war

And that Adolph Hitler is actually from the elite
Who watch these events with amusement on a continent
That is forbidden to everyone else

They will scoff at the notion that Hitler and Walt Disney were the same person
And that the original buildings of Disneyworld in Florida
With its vast underground tunnel system
Was already there

And that it is a haven for child abductions
Who are then used in sex rituals
Then poked full of holes so their blood can be sucked out

Then their adrenal glands are cut out to be used for adrenochrome
And their brain winds up on some hybridized humans dinner plate

These abductions hardly ever get mentioned in the controlled media

Most people will automatically reject the notion
That religion is a control system
Based on the actions of planetary orbs in close proximity to earth in a former era

And they will laugh at the claim that we do not live on a spinning globe
And will ignore the fact that if such was the case
Long rivers such as the Mississippi and Nile would have to flow uphill
For at least half their length

It is easier just to sit back and watch TV
And believe the evening news is not manufactured!