The primary psychological trigger phrase
Which affects the subconscious subliminally

And induces cognitive dissonance
Turning off critical thinking
In the general public

And making them passive receivers of information
Triggering an unthinking response

Are the words Conspiracy Theory

Reptilians are lean and strong
They have 3 long fingers on each hand with an opposable thumb
On each foot they have 3 toes

Their claws on their hands and feet are short

More and more people on television now
Especially in the media
Are not human
They are reptilian

By making 3D computer models from living cells
Of a base model using a different reptilian mold
A unique characteristic creation is chosen

CERN can now operate at 20 peta electron volts
Which is quadrillions of units of energy
And is now planned to go on in September of 2021

Some big event is planned

The D Wave quantum computer
Is now connected to CERN

By opening interdimensional doorways
Especially at the Northfield Impact Point
It will be able to attain forbidden knowledge
From outside sources

Besides being a weapon system
CERN can also detect spirits
Who wander like stars

CERN is a soul catching machine
Souls are being captured against their will
And are being used to create
An army of synthetics

Who are fully armored
And who cannot be bargained or reasoned with
And who do not feel fear or pity or remorse

Skynet is behind this neural based artificial intelligence

Malfunctioning robotoids are getting more common

The method of execution for refusers
Who do not take the vaccine
Will be by guillotine

Guillotines are now legal
And have been stockpiled by the government

When someone dies
It is like waking up from a dream

A What if simulation