The knowledge of high energy is evident in the ancient pyramids
The pyramids were electrical generators coupled to the earth
From this knowledge came the advent of high energy weaponry

High energy weaponry was used to defeat a threat from an outer realm
And was used to defeat the Giants and Tartarians

High beamed energy is the cause of much of the earth’s geological features

What were once enormous buildings
Were melted
And are now called eroded mountains
Or eroded cliffs

This electrical arcing creates the near perfect iron mix spheroid concretions that are found in many places

The Grand Canyon
Is a giant Lichtenberg Figure
Lichtenberg Figures are created by an electrical discharge

That was probably Mars
Which is a plasma orb
On one of his ancient close approaches to the earth

And as seen in the devastation of land all over
There was a worldwide conflagration
Maybe coming from the electrical plasma covering above us