It has become monkey see monkey do
When 100 or so human monkeys start doing something
They all start doing it

In Satanic rituals they stand 6 feet apart
They also wear masks

Masks take away the electromagnetic connection of your smile
Positive energy is greatly reduced

Demons are low vibrating electrical beings
Which feed off negative energy

Demons fear love
Because love creates a world which they cannot control

Demonic reptilians have been kidnapping humans for centuries
To provide Loosh energy which is the backwards spelling of soul

The soul energy of children is more concentrated and less polluted

Humans originally vibrated love
And were fruitarians and plant eaters

Carnivorous is an anagram of corona virus

Our pineal gland is a piezoelectric crystal
It reflects our inner world upon our outer world

It manifests our imagination and intent
Creating our reality

Negative ions or electrons from the earth regenerated us and healed us
That is why the bottom of our feet are called the sole and the heel
And we became grounded by the ground

Cement and rubber block the charge

We have been systematically changed
And so has the world around us

Now we are on the verge of being totally controlled

But it is not too late

What you imagine you become

And we can use our intent
To insert information into the program

Creating a new output
And manifesting a new reality!