When Jesus fasted for 40 days in the Wilderness
This was Mars in its ascent
When after 40 days he looked pale
Because of low charge

This is why to achieve god status
An Illuminati member must go on a hunger strike
To prove allegiance
Before they are sacrificed

When the Anti Christ ascended
In front of the Supreme Being who was Saturn
He used various vessels

The red planet turned blue and white

This is why our flag is red white and blue

This changing of colors
Is also the multi colored tunic of Joseph

When Mars went up the axis and was seated in front of Saturn
He seemed to die
But then after 3 days he rose again

This depicts the crucifixion of Christ

Also this is the origin of the Illuminati Path to Ascension
When a celebrity chooses to sacrifice themselves
To achieve god status
They must enter into a higher existence
By resurrecting themselves
In a synthetic body

The realm of Saturn was also the floating island of Aeolia
That could control the four winds

The wings or the revolving crescent which was Noahs Ark
Masked the face of Saturn

The wings were also horns

This is why ritual masks are worn
And why we are wearing masks
Even though they do not do any good

When the Oval Office was allegedly broken into
By a group led by a guy with horned helmet a spear and a hairy cloak
It was symbolic of the Anti Christ
Breaking into the realm of the Most High

Mars wanted to be like Saturn
But was kept out of High Heaven

And it is also the presaging of the coming into power
Of the Anti Christ
Who will be a synthetic person
With AI capabilities!