Making people mentally unstable
Is a great way to introduce unreal ideas

We have been conditioned like robots
We have swallowed the false narrative
As if under a great spell

Hypnotism will occur by setting a tone at a high range of hearing
Around 1500 hertz
Utter a suggestion at 300 to 400 hertz
The ear will hear only the tone
But the brain will understand the voice

There are many levels of deceit

Viruses are a hoax
Louis Pasteur was a fraud

Covid is Divoc spelled backwards
Divoc means possessed in Hebrew

Chemtrails are sinister
They contain ferromagnetic graphene
Which will be activated when CERN
Creates the pulse to energize it

Taking iron supplements
Puts too much metal in your body
And it becomes toxic

Belief systems trap you

Energy goes where the mind flows
Choose with your heart
What you think about

In the fifth dimension
Whatever your imagination can dream up
Can become a reality

We can heal the world with our vibrations
We can change the frequency

Vibration and acoustics have electromagnetic energy

In the past the symmetrical geometry of starforts and aqueducts energized water
By perpetually vibrating the ions
Which expressed ethereal vibrations in the water molecules

The electromagnetic potential of sound waves in bells and organs
Influenced molecules and tuned electrical energy

The rose windows of churches were magnetrons
Designed to mirror and amplify ethereal vibrations

These could supply entire towns with good health
And uplift spirits!