We live in a density gradient
Of highly charged plasma
Which is the least dense form of matter

The charged noble gases of the upper atmosphere or ionosphere are
Helium neon argon krypton xenon

Charged plasma is what causes celestial objects
To revolve around the central magnetic pole

Our flat earth plane is just a barrier
In the density gradient

Below us is the hollow earth
There is a plasmoid below the surface
In the vortex of the central magnetic pole
Acting as the inner sun

Below us there is also a magnetic black rock
Exemplified by the black cube monoliths

A stationary 20 foot wave at the Antarctic boundary
Is kept in place by the plasma dome
But mostly it is an ice wall

That is because the plasma dome is made of water

We live in a sea of electrons
Which our small universe creates a bubble around

We are like ships
That is why there are so many words using ship
companionship citizenship relationship sportsmanship

There is an interconnected power grid throughout the earth

The pockets of illumination on the dome are stars
Which pulsate energy

Planets are wondering stars
That can be used as portals

In the past water was given the petrified pulsations of stars

Structures such as pyramids and towers were constructed
To store and conduct ethereal energy
But they have been deactivated

The Coliseum in Rome was an amphitheater
That held water
Amplifying an electric current
Which energized the water

Crops were grown quickly and to great heights using cymatic technology

That is why history is a lie
To keep us from knowing about and having free energy
So that we can be controlled!