In 2014 the directives for DARPA
Was to inject every human with nano technology
Starting with the military

So they could interact with our minds at a distance
And control our decision making and actions

Through the spraying of our atmosphere
We have inside us a tiny network of devices
That stimulate individual neurons with light and harvest their energy

They also feed optigenetical light into our eyeballs while we watch TV or a video
And are morphogenetically connecting neural nets

Since DARPA likes to grow things inside humans
And because nobody said No
They decided to delve into Venomics

They took venom from spiders scorpions snails snakes and whatever else they could find
And created genetically engineered bacteria
Then put them inside humans and see what happens

They are creating Xenobots with venom
And reproducing them through remote control

You might call it rape at the sub atomic level
Or a rave party in your brain
But they are calling it saving humanity with medical breakthroughs

People are actually doing this for their job
They have a remote control to your nervous system

When things do not go right or they press the wrong button
They will report to their superior
He was just a creepy weirdo anyway

The college educated employee will start on someone else
And give it little thought that their supervisor has slits in their eyes
Gets all excited at the sight of blood
And sometimes seems to shift their shape

So they do spinal taps and chip away at your vertebrae
Extract your DNA
And the level of fuckery keeps growing
Because nobody polices the astral plane

SOSA stands for sensory operating system architecture
MQ9 Reaper drones tether themselves to you
And send the data to underground computers

Workers then wirelessly engineer your tissues
With nano lipid packages

Digital twins are visual representatives of computer networking architecture
And used as a sandbox for cyber simulation
They are a testing ground for human robot interactions

Fusing human bodies with nano technology
Via digital convergence
They can now play back our memories on external monitors

The deep state believes that everyone who does not work for them
Is too stupid to find out
What exactly is going on!