Our time matrix can be entered into from certain portals
The Gravitron is a vortex network linking portals

Negative entities have downloaded their predator mind into our 3D earth
And have trapped humans with Metatronic reversal coding

This alien machinery can control Merkaba spin rates

Hyperdimensional pockets are fields with reverse particle spin
And are hibernation zones for entities

When the spin of electrons is controlled
The nature of time and the movement of consciousness energy can be controlled

If our internal electrons can be manipulated
Then we are disconnected from our higher dimensional aspects
Above the 8th dimension

Our internal glandular system and our DNA will be damaged
This results in consciousness suppression and energy harvesting

When our internal energy source is recoded
And the spin rates of our electrons are altered
It will dull humans to a blended earth reality
Demoralizing us and causing us to reject spiritual matters

As consciousness travel activity is monitored in the astral plane
It traps us in a control matrix
Making it very hard to impossible to leave
Continually recycling us as consciousness slaves

As the Hotel California song goes
We can check out any time we want but we can never leave

Artificial timelines and phantom constructs are then generated
Making our realm more hospitable to non humans
That do not have a consciousness from here

They gain even a deeper foothold by wielding cataclysms
And generating very low anti life vibrations

But as high frequency currents are being spread through the ley lines and land mass
Consciousness will ascend and the population will awaken

A new future high dimensional octave will induce a timeline shift
And we will remember how to return to our true form as authentic humans
As an ancient eternal god source being

People who remain in the lower frequency bands of 1D 2D and 3D
Will feel unhappy and extremely pressurized to shift and transform

Our ego programming will be dismantled and our heart center will be opened
And we will give birth to our true authentic core self
Choosing to align with positive and life affirming thoughts and images
And with our highest expression

In their desperation Satanic forces will call upon their black magic grid
In order to access their battery pack of harvested loosh

The controllers will fight to retain power until their last breath
And will wreak havoc and destruction!