Americans are collateral
Against the national debt
To international bankers

Debts are paid off
From your labor

There has been no lawful money
Since we got off the gold standard

The process of getting off the gold standard began in 1933
When all gold was confiscated

Government bonds were collateralized
A bond is basically an I owe You

Your birth certificate was put up as collateral

So your birth certificate was monetized
And converted into a United States Government Bond
Making it a certificate of stock

When this happened your net worth became almost unlimited

You can access this account
By using the routing number of the Central Bank
That is in the district of your birth

When you put in the correct branch
The bank logo of the Federal Reserve will pop up

And by using your social security number
As your exemption identification number
Which is your bank account number
At the United States Corporation of America

All accounts at minimum have several million dollars!