Gravity is somehow supposed to keep the entire atmosphere
And everything in it including insects birds and airplanes
Clinging to the earth
Which is supposed to be a spinning ball
Turning at 1000 miles per hour

Gravity is supposed to adhere to the earth uniformly
And we cannot detect it see it feel it
Or measure it in any way

So this is the reason why that someone or something
Cannot just float in the air
Until the spinning globe
Brings the destination to them

Airplane flights on a spinning globe traveling against the spin
Should reach their destination much sooner
Than one traveling with the spin

A pilot also should have to continually keep the nose of the plane down
To keep from flying off into space

If a force was needed to keep the unmeasurable amount of water stuck to the earth
Then it would squish all life in the process

The reason helium balloons rise
Is because helium is lighter than air

And the reason an apple falls to the ground
Is because an apple is heavier then the atmosphere
You do not need an invisible all powerful force to accomplish that

The swing of a pendulum depends on the initial force
Not some force of a spinning globe that we cannot feel or detect

The earth does not have a molten iron core
That is responsible for the earths magnetism

Molten metal cannot retain any significant magnetic properties
Because its temperature is beyond the Currie Point

And there are not 20,000 satellites flying around the earth
Because metals have a melting point
Much lower than the thermosphere

TV dishes are not satellite dishes
They are situated at 45 degrees
And pick up ground based antennae signals

A ship on the ocean does not disappear
Because of the earths curvature
Anyone with a Nikon P900 camera or a telescope
Can easily zoom the ship back into view

We do not have military bases or encampments on the North Pole
And no recent explorer has ever been there
The northern realm has been sealed off

Stars remain fixed in their constellation pattern
Never changing their relative position
As they revolve around the north celestial pole

This would be impossible if we were on a spinning globe
Zooming through space
A product of the Big Bang

There is no attainable South Pole

We live on a motionless flat earth!