Before the manufactured cataclysms between 1811 and 1817
Which dramatically altered the climate
Travel by ship to the innermost realm was possible

At the North Pole or navel of the earth
A cosmic pillar or universal axis made its way
To the home of the gods

At its summit or highest peak it became a celestial spring
In the realm of the stars
Where immortals dwell

And where paradise is found
At which 4 great rivers appear from a common source
Around which the heavens revolve

This highly charged current of plasma
Was seen as a lodestone mountain
Because of its magnetic influence

Or as a world tree
Which reaches up into the highest heavens

It had the ability to draw vessels
Causing them to shipwreck on its shores
Against any pull of tide or wind

The powerful charge created an astonishing whirlpool
In which vessels are caught and drawn
With little chance of escape

Engulfing the strongest ships
Sucking them in at ebbtide
And spewing out their fragments
At floodtide

Beyond the whirlpool or maelstrom there is land
In which there are open mouthed caverns containing winds

This was portrayed in the 1959 movie
Journey to the Center of the Earth

Through the breathing of the waters or Breath of God
Sea surges result
Which change every 6 hours
Causing oceanic tides

Through 4 six hour daily cycles of pushing and pulling through subterranean channels
The rising and falling of tides are produced

Vapors are everywhere
And smoky exhalations of sulfurous flames

A dark midst that can hardly be penetrated with the eyes
Beholds a current of fluctuating ocean
With a furious impetuosity of water
That is absorbed and restored in fluctuation

Waves rush in and go back with fearful rapidity
Into the whirlpool or world well which surrounds the polar mountain

Sometimes ships that are sent in with such rapidity
Are sent back out with the same rapidity

In the Arabic legend 1001 Nights
A magnetic mountain pulls all the nails out of the ship
Causing it to fall apart and sink

Because myth has been relegated to fantasy
Our true history is covered up

Our reality is being falsified
In order to keep us stuck in a continuous cycle
Of birth and rebirth

When one does not remember the past
They are doomed to repeat it!