Our reality is a combination of the natural organic blueprints
That contain the original instruction codes
And AI manipulation that uses our energy to create an artificial world

Prophecies such as the ones of Mother Shipton
That tell of 7 days and 7 nights of apocalypse
And the ones in the Book of Revelation
Are manufactured attempts to direct our energy

The Black Hole Sun is the inner earth torus that will be drawn out
If enough fear is generated to produce a reset

The term Sharper Image refers to the moon
That will increase its brightness as it sends out scalar waves
Which tries to alter our consciousness

False narratives disconnect us from ourselves
Giant humans existed but giant lizards did not

The Nephilim or fallen ones of the Book of Genesis
Were planets and other orbs that drifted toward our plane
As the magnetic field was changed
They were not giants who raped mortal women

The Titans were also not god like human giants
They were planets that loomed close to our world in the previous era
Taking on a gigantic size

Real giants of colossal size have been mineralized into stone
The remains of later Atlantean giants have been found everywhere
But have been hushed up because they do not fit into the official narrative

Magnificent palaces and other buildings built by giants
With huge stairs huge doors very high ceilings
Containing radiant electricity and running water
Are modified and given another narrative

These structures also did not have bathrooms
Because the giants knew how to feed themselves through plasma energy

Plasma came down through the Axis Mundi at the North Pole
The home of the planetary gods

In our current world of atmospheric decompression
We feel depressed

The Aztecs believe giants were Gods first creation
But then refused to worship him
This refers to the planetary configurations of the former epoch

The sparkling frost gods of Norway born from fire and ice
Were also the planets in the former times

The Celtics believe the Devil married beautiful women whose offspring were giants
The Devil was an alter ego of Mars

The Pawnee believe giants were the first living creatures
But God became angry with them and commanded humans to build a large canoe
This refers to the celestial plasma deluge that also produced the story of Noah

Hieroglyphic tablets of Egypt and Sumeria
Were light luminous guides to activate you
They were meant to be downloaded and implemented on a daily basis

In the beginning was the word or luminous outflow of plasma
And the word was God or Saturn

All things were made by Him
In Him was light and life
And the light shone in darkness!