Consciousness is spiritual energy
Imprinted with a personal blueprint and signature

We are endowed with the dispensation
That allows us to embody divine energy in physical form

We can personally move collective vibration and awareness
Into a higher harmonic dimension

Authentic humanity is a natural born conduit
Of immense spiritual power
That can unlock unlimited reality

Spiritual ascension is directly entwined
With personal well being and health

When our consciousness is aligned
To our inner spirit and divine blueprint
Then we are in alignment with the Natural Laws

Our cells respond to our vibration
They protect our DNA
Transport information and keep our immune system operating well

Chemical poisons radiation faulty proteins and foreign DNA
Will damage the cells functions
And consciousness is digressed

As you embody higher spiritual layers of coded frequencies
More light and energy is absorbed into your cellular matrix

Upgrading your bioelectric field
And improving your interactions with other life!