Sensing and feeling energies are the higher functions
Of the heart complex

The heart complex enables us to recognize
Energy signals around us

And deeply feel and sense others
With greater awareness and energy emotions
By receiving and transmitting the omnidirectional forces
Flowing within our heart

The crisis humanity is now facing
Is the crisis of consciousness
That is generated from a lack of love
Towards human and non human earth beings

When we open our hearts we elevate others
And also the consciousness in neighboring worlds
That exist beyond

The physical DNA which has been modified
Through alien hybridization in the lower realms
Can be corrected

The heart complex will then connect
With the higher spiritual intelligence
And override these distortions
By spiritualizing the emotional body into the soul

This is true not only for mammalian DNA
But for reptilian DNA
Even though they represent diametrically opposing principles

The potential remains dormant
Until a choice is made to seek a higher more meaningful existence

Spiritual powers who are sentient living beings
Will work with you
To accomplish the expansion of heart based qualities!