April 19 is Sacrifice Day
And is the start of a 13 day ritual
Where children are sacrificed

Child abductees are affixed to a cross
Then stabbed countless times
Making the blood pour out

People who wish to move up
In their Masonic rank
Or maintain their social and economic status
Must participate in these ceremonies

The myth of Saturn eating his children
Is mixed with the reptilian practice of drinking blood

When a child is held captive and tortured
The blood is doubly adrenalized

Young blood not only will get them high
But has a rejuvenating effect

This is also performed during Passover rituals

There is also blood and sex magic rituals

There are pedophile rings
In Hollywood
The fashion industry
The music industry
In high levels of government
And among business executives

The highest ranking Masons
All have reptilian genes

Planned Parenthood provides aborted babies for rituals

In conjunction with their selling of baby organs
And ground up body parts
In the form of utility pills

Bone marrow is also harvested as an anti aging agent

Children are also trafficked
In the Child welfare system

The goal is to live forever
Whether through genetics
3-D printing
Or uploading oneself in a computer

While keeping the masses

Poisoned by chemicals
In drinking water

And targets of weaponized airwaves