In Africa vaccines are not being enforced
And hardly anyone is getting vaccinated

And there are no restrictions to travel
Or being in public areas

And no one is getting sick

While in other countries such as
New Zealand
Great Britain
Vaccinations are being enforced
Masks are mandated
Travel and community events are restricted
Yet people are getting sick and dying
Of blood clots cardiac arrests and brain hemorrhages

And mandatory vaccinations in some of these countries are starting

The military will soon be going door to door enforcing this

The Covid 19 virus
And the Delta and Omicron variants have never been isolated

Just like the supposed HIV virus in the 1980s
The virus was never isolated

When gay mens immunity system was challenged from being promiscuous
And they did not feel well
The doctor gave them AZT drugs
And that is what killed them

Severe lockdowns in Australia and Greece
And the relocation of people into Fema Camps are underway

The lines have been drawn
The rate of health care workers
Police officers and firemen
Being vaccinated is about 50 percent
Many are losing their jobs

As people lose their jobs in other areas
The supply chain will be affected
And grocery stores shelves will become bare

And people will be reliant on the new ruling authority FEMA
Which is all by design
The new FEMA states or territories have already been marked out

Hospitals in New York City and Massachusetts are closing

The military has a higher vaccination rate
And a high death rate

European pro soccer of football players have a high vaccination rate
And are dropping like flies

Covid vaccinations are being started on new borns and infants

Starting in 2022 in Utah and Mississippi
You must be vaccinated to drive

Italy has the Super Green Pass
Unrestricted travel as long as you are vaccinated

The media will start blaming the unvaccinated
Civil unrest and war will come as a result
And it is all by design!