The moon satellite is the base of operations
For transmitting lunar broadcasts

The purpose is mind control programming
From magnetic field manipulation

Through cellular spin damage and molecular compaction
As a result soul bodies become shattered or trapped

Be aware your DNA embodies crystalline architecture

The manufacture of endless enemies in the mainstream media
Maintains the mass perception of continual threats
Switch your minds perspective by watching or tuning into something positive

Direct sunlight disrupts cloaking
That is one of the reasons why there is a sun simulator

The Temple of Solomon with its copper rose gold architecture
Was encased within the Ouroboros or dragon ring

The Ouroboros is the circle on top of the column of the Ankh or circled cross
Dragon eggs were plasmoids

The Mother of the Dragon Cathedral in Chatre France
Was built to embody the celestial crystal cathedral or Temple of God
As were several cathedrals in the United Kingdom

Gothic cathedrals were built on dragon nodes or ley lines
Most notably in France Belgium and Germany

The Cosmic Clock assembled into the traveling Merkabah
Which was in the circle of the Ankh

Venus or Queen Mother had symmetrical perfection and so was ascribed beauty
Her sacred breath of the Holy Spirit animated all life

She and her triple solar daughters
Lived on the coastlines of the 7 seas
The outer coastline was the Ouroboros or serpent ring!