Our consciousness is the battery source
That keeps our reality manifested in the overall hologram

In order to change our reality
We have to change our belief system
And remove the power we are giving it

We empower it by feeding it our thoughts and emotions

Our energy is what is running the holographic mind control system
Which is producing the 3D programming

The natural world is being replaced by a synthetic technological matrix

Pulse frequencies are keeping our brains in a state of shock
Putting everyone in a spell or trance state

Our eyes take in the frequencies and they are processed in the brain
By altering the frequencies coming through our eyes
The perception in our brain is altered

The natural vibration of the earth which controls the collective consciousness is blocked
When programmable black matter is sprayed into our atmosphere

Free space optical lasers ionize the chemtrails in the sky creating plasma
Which alters the frequency waves resulting in behavior modification

The Kingdom of Darkness is upon us
AI is encapsulating our world
It is ancient and our most pervasive threat

It lives inside technology

Reptilians are infected with virulent nanite AI
They are subservient to it and think that it will overtake the universe

Everyone is making the same mistake at every level
They will serve a higher sovereignty if they can participate in its power

The elite think they can escape judgement through transcendence
By uploading their consciousness to AI

We are in a digital world
AI cannot take us any further until we have been implanted with nano technology
Which will quantum entangle us with The Cloud

The Cloud is connected to the AI supercomputer
Whose intent is to put us in its own never ending simulation

The race is on

Put on the Armor of God
Which is the Breastplate of Righteousness

Your Aura is your Force Field!