The eye goddess of Ra could transform herself into a serpent called Apep
Which was a cobra or Asp featured on a headband or headdress

The headdress represented the Shen Band or Ring of Sovereignty
Which was a turquoise circle in the sky around the Garden of Venus

It was the Crown of Kingship
That bestowed a ruler as the King of Glory

Ra is often swallowed by Apep and an eclipse occurs
But other gods rush to the rescue

The fire serpent could materialize into a turquoise form
Whose headdress became a lions mane

The lion of the tribe of Judah is also the sacrificial lamb
That appears in the center of the throne
Encircled by 4 living creatures

Around the throne was 4 seats with 4 elders
Then 20 seats with 20 elders
Clothed in white raiment wearing a crown of gold

In Revelations 4
The lion of the tribe of Judah opens the scroll with 7 seals
The 7 seals are the 7 rings of Saturn

Between the 4 petals of the Flower of Venus which were streams of plasma fire
Appeared 4 orbs
These are the 4 elders or 4 evangelists

Mars was the slain lamb who was sacrificed upon the 4 petaled flower cross of Venus
He then became the lion surrounded by 4 celestial orbs

Long may he live upon his flowered throne
The flower is the Maltese cross encased in a diamond

The reborn god arises from the emerald light
And emerges as a turquoise stone or Morning Star
Jesus said he was the bright Morning Star

When the sun god burst forth he waxed from side to side
He issued rays of blinding light from himself
So intensely did he shine

Nanahuatl was the Prince of the Dawn
He leapt upon the fire and became the sun
He shone as turquoise in the House of the Serpent

From his body flowed 4 streams of blood
Into the 4 quarters of the universe
Giving it energy and life

The 4 quarters is the 4 winds which is the Spirit of God
The 4 winds form a cruciform structure

When the great god star came out
He arose in the house of heaven
And shed an emerald light

Job 38:7 says
When the Son of God appeared he shouted for joy
And the morning stars sang together!