After many days of engaging in psychedelic drugs and sexual orgies
The participants of Burning Man now are stranded in a flooded muddy desert
With hyperthermia and a spreading contagion that is said to be Ebola

A fence has been put up to keep them quarantined
Cars trying to escape get stuck

This is all an orchestrated event
Including the weather

It is a psychological experiment on unsuspecting people to see how they react
It is a manufactured situation which includes the contaminants that were sprayed down upon them
It is a staged event by those who serve alien masters

Burning Man is a Satanic ritual
That gives energy to the Luciferian fires
Which are being ignited in areas of idyllic surroundings

Klaus Schwab is Palpatine
The Lord who executes the Clone Wars
He is the mastermind that seeks military dictatorship

Whatever we focus on carries a dominant emotional state
Which manifests accordingly

Compassion is the highest form of love
When we let others dictate our emotion we become a victim!