Burning Man is an ancient ritual for summoning
As spells are being cast the ancient ones are summoned

People are enticed to go there because of the availability of drugs and sex
When they get too much out of their minds they run into the flames of the Burning Man
And become an MK Ultra sacrifice

Black Rock Nevada is the location of Burning Man
On ancient maps there is the Black Rock at the North Pole
Which is the magnetic mountain that pulls unsuspecting sailors into its grasp

Chris Rock is the famous black comedian who attended

On the Mercator map the black magnetic mountain at the pole is surrounded by a shallow crystal clear lake
That becomes muddy when the blue beam shoots up out of the black rock
Black Rock Nevada is a dry lake bed that became very muddy

The lake on the Mercator map is surrounded by a level plane enclosed by high mountains
Which is encircled by the Arctic Ocean

The Biblical Exodus was caused by the intensification of the northern lights
As the atmosphere became charged water evaporated and a thick fog ensnared the world
The mad dash from Black Rock Nevada was called the Exodus

As the aurora borealis discharged
The anode and cathode on either side formed wings or upstretched arms
This is the rise of the Phoenix
A Phoenix was burned at Burning Man

The northern plasma column was the round table of the King Arthur
His kingdom was a heavenly one and his knights were the celestial orbs accompanying him

The Maypole celebration is a recreation of the heavenly dance around the magnetic center

Sir Galahad the guileless knight who was without a sword
Armed himself with the sword of the spirit
Which was drawn from the river of life that floated past Camelot

Excalibur was the enchanted sword that came up dressed in white out of the celestial water

The Holy Grail of Jesus was made from the crown jewels of Lucifer
The biggest jewel was green which was the lotus flower of Venus
The dominant green stone was retrieved by the Archangel Michael during a battle with Lucifer

Rituals like Burning Man rehearse in the consciousness of the participants past events
And their projections bring these symbolic ceremonies into reality
This is called Black Magic

The pole star Polaris assumed its position on the pole
And claimed its seat in heaven after Saturn left

Which means it is not a star
But is responsible for the deception of an endless sky filled with stars

It is claimed the stars did not come into view
Until the new pole star took its place on the celestial pole!