Your vibration contributes to the universal field of energy
Your every thought word and action reverberates into the cosmos

If everyone was aware of their role in the cosmic concert
And that their consciousness contributes to the symphony
It would change the melody of our lives

We are the conductors playing the strings in the universal orchestra
Capable of playing harmonies or producing dissonances
So embrace your power and tune yourself

When you shift your vibration
The vibration of the world around you shifts as well

Become the energetic match for your deepest desire
And watch your life become a living orchestrated masterpiece

Desire is energy and energy is life
Emotions are waves of energy that play out in the relationships of our lives

We are an elaborate composition
And a beautiful expression of the Infinite

We give form to reality with what we believe and with what we imagine
Do not accept any belief about yourself that is not ideal

You are the appearance of your suggestions
Relate to the world from your ideal

When undesirable character traits arise allow them to be there
Then let them go
Do not identify with them
Observe them without reaction

See yourself as you desire
Loving yourself is the first step to loving others

When you love yourself
Your bestowed gifts of mind and speech will not differ from the Immortals

You will be guided unto the Choir of the Gods
And you will take a seat among the Blessed Ones!