There is a Statue of Liberty
Engraved in the walls of Baalbek

And there are actual statues of Lady Liberty in various places

The Statue of Liberty on Bedloe Island in New York Harbor
Is placed on top of an old Star Fort

It was not a gift from France
But was a Tartarian creation

The torch has been removed
It was electromagnetic and shone with brilliance

The crown originally spread our rays imitating Venus
The bright torch of heaven

Copper oxide encapsulated it in an ethereal dome
Creating a charge brightening the whole structure

The Flatiron Building is another Tartarian creation
It was at the confluence of 5th Avenue Broadway and East 22nd in Manhattan
Long before 1902

The Flatiron Building is steel framed
And shaped liked a flat iron

It has a hydraulic water system
And large boilers to heat the water

In the basement there is a large elaborate theatre
Able to hold approximately 1500 people

New York as well as other cities have an elaborate arch
Arches were Tartarian magnets grounded to the earth

Many times on the top there are 4 horsemen coming out of the water
The horsemen are luminaries of Saturn in the former age

They lit up and illuminated

Copper bells were put up in towers of remarkable power plants
Which have been converted to cathedrals

The Great Bell of Montreal weighs over 7 tons

These bells rang out justice freedom and harmony
All over this land!